Cbrowser is a graphical C/C++ source code searching and browsing tool, and a hierarchical function call viewer.
Cbrowser is a front end to the popular source code indexing and querying program cscope. It is also designed to work with the free alternative to cscope called cs. This can be obtained at ftp://cantor.informatik.rwth-aachen.de/pub/unix/.
Both of these tools have text based user interfaces, and have limited file viewing capabilities. Cbrowser provides a full featured file browser with syntax highlighing and full text searching.
Cbrowser helps manage the recursive process of searching through source code for usages by providing a history mechanism. Every query is recorded and can be recalled at any time, without the need of re-querying the database.
Cbrowser allows you to build and use multiple source code databases for individual software projects. Switching databases is as simple as selecting the file, and a history of all databases used is kept at all times.
Best of all, cbrowser provides a hierarchical function viewer. Functions may be expanded and contracted to show or hide the functions they call. The function's code itself is shown in an adjoining viewer. This feature is implemented using the megawidget Library by Jeff Hobbs which luckily for me comes with an unrestricted license.




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