U-Boot Porting Guide

[Based on messages by Jerry Van Baren in the U-Boot-Users mailing
list, October 2002]

int main (int argc, char *argv[])
    sighandler_t no_more_time;

    signal (SIGALRM, no_more_time);
    alarm (PROJECT_DEADLINE - toSec (3 * WEEK));

    if (available_money > available_manpower) {
        pay consultant to port U-Boot;
        return 0;

    Download latest U-Boot source;

    Subscribe to u-boot-users mailing list;

    if (clueless) {
        email ("Hi, I am new to U-Boot, how do I get started?");

    while (learning) {
        Read the README file in the top level directory;
        Read http://www.denx.de/twiki/bin/view/DULG/Manual ;
        Read the source, Luke;

    if (available_money > toLocalCurrency ($2500)) {
        Buy a BDI2000;
    } else {
        Add a lot of aggravation and time;

    Create your own board support subdirectory;

    Create your own board config file;

    while (!running) {
        do {
            Add / modify source code;
        } until (compiles);
        if (clueless)
            email ("Hi, I am having problems...");
    Send patch file to Wolfgang;

    return 0;

void no_more_time (int sig)



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