Network Troubleshooting Tools, IPv4 and IPv6

A summary of various troubleshooting commands for common client operating systems for both IPv4 and IPv6.

Apple OS X, *BSD

Ping for IPv4/sbin/ping
Ping for IPv6/sbin/ping6
Traceroute for IPv4/usr/sbin/traceroute
Traceroute for IPv6/usr/sbin/traceroute6
Interface Info/sbin/ifconfig
IPv4 Route table/usr/sbin/netstat -f inet -rn
IPv6 Route table/usr/sbin/netstat -f inet6 -rn
IPv4 arp table/usr/sbin/arp -an
IPv6 ndp table/usr/sbin/ndp -an

Windows: Vista, 7, Server 2008 and higher

Ping for IPv4ping -4
Ping for IPv6ping -6
Traceroute for IPv4tracert -4
Traceroute for IPv6tracert -6
Interface Infoipconfig /all
IPv4 Route tablenetsh interface ipv4 show route
IPv6 Route tablenetsh interface ipv6 show route
IPv4 arp tablearp -a
IPv6 ndp tablenetsh interface ipv6 show neighbors


Ping for IPv4ping
Ping for IPv6ping6
Traceroute for IPv4traceroute -4
Traceroute for IPv6traceroute -6
Interface Infoip address show
IPv4 Route tablenetstat -A inet -rn
IPv6 Route tablenetstat -A inet6 -rn
IPv4 arp tablearp -an
IPv6 ndp tableip -6 neighbor show
  • Paths differ between distributions.
  • traceroute6 is usually installed as a hard link to traceroute and defaults to using the -6 flag. Forcing the -4 or -6 options is useful to make sure you are using the correct ip version during troubleshooting.


Ping for IPv4/usr/sbin/ping -A inet
Ping for IPv6/usr/sbin/ping -A inet6
Traceroute for IPv4/usr/sbin/traceroute -A inet
Traceroute for IPv6/usr/sbin/traceroute -A inet6
Interface Info/bin/netstat -ain
IPv4 Route table/bin/netstat -f inet -rn
IPv6 Route table/bin/netstat -f inet6 -rn
IPv4 arp table/bin/netstat -pn -f inet
IPv6 ndp table/bin/netstat -pn -f inet6



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